Our Vision

  Creative activities designed to heal, learn, educate,integrate and enrich.


The ART BRIDGES ( Angels Relief Team) is a volunteer-based organization offering  a psychosocial support for the socially disadvantaged. Through music and art education, we promote the inclusion,  integration,   of a variety of groups, including Greek Roma community , displaced persons, migrants, refugees, women, children and young adults.

We believe a musical and artistic foundation has the power to heal and inspire. Our beneficiaries are given the confidence to strive for a better future, one where they are no longer defined as powerless victims of displacement, war, persecution ,social exclusion,discrimination, poverty. Our program provides a space for intercultural - interfaith dialogue, learning youths to set aside their differences and work together towards a shared goal.

We aim to give them a positive educational experience, in addition to creative outlets and a safe space to explore, play, and learn.

Based on Lesvos Island, our team of talented staff and volunteers carry out activities ranging from violin and string l instruments training to dance and art programming. We operate in our ART Creative Learning Space in Mytiline, in the Slum in Pagani area, in the Hospitality Center for Migrants - Refugees of Kara Tepe, for special occasions in Moria Reception & Identification Center and in locations across Greece, in order to offer our services where they are most needed.


María Francisca Rocca Angela María Arbeláez,

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