Despite hardships, we continue to build a supportive network.


Since the ART BRIDGES was initiated in 2015 on the shores of Lesvos, we have experienced immense growth and a variety of achievements. We now run regular music classes in our Creatively Learning Space in Mytiline, in the Kara Tepe Hospitality Centre for Migrants and Refugees and in the Moria Reception & Identification Camp on Lesvos Island. Program participants benefit from violin and classical, traditional  instrument training, vocal training, solfège lessons, rhythm lessons, and basic notation instruction. In addition to traditional classes, we also organize art-based activities and field trips. Our services are also available on a regular basis in Thermopylae, Lamia and the Attica area.

Through our art and music education programs, we are able to routinely surmount unique obstacles. Over time, we have successfully built an environment that is conducive to respect for others’ traditions and customs. This has helped to not only relieve intercultural tensions among thousands of our participants, but also to restore a sense of purpose and identity where it may have been lost due to various traumas.

We take pride in facilitating an inclusive environment, one that embraces children and young adults with physical or mental disabilities, hyperactivity, or PTSD. We also shine a positive light on migrants, displaced refugees and minority communities.

December 1, 2016: We presented our Music Education Program and Creative Platform to the European Parliament, during the conference “Education for Refugee Children – Current Practices and the Way Ahead”.

December 15, 2016: The ART BRIDGES organized a sold out concert at the Municipal Theater of Lesvos. Renowned artists from Spain, the USA and Greece performed alongside the ART BRIDGES ensemble, a group composed of local children, musicians and displaced youths. The concert celebrated the hard work of the ART BRIDGES beneficiaries, as well as International Migrants Day, a celebration of diversity and multiculturalism. Civil and military authorities, alongside religious leaders from Lesvos, local citizens and refugee families, attended this integration event. The concert was broadcast by the National Broadcasting Service of Greece ERA – ERT and covered by AJ+, AP, AFP.